Walking to London – 26.9 miles

This is my first blog post therefore it’ll be bloody amazing, right?

I’ll start with my most recent adventure, walking a marathon to London (That’s in England)

Why did I do it?

I wanted the challenge, could I walk a marathon with zero training? Only one way to find out…

How did I do it?

Well, I just set off, didn’t I? Only stopping once my Strava ticked over the marathon distance and my blister popped then I decided to call it quits.

What went wrong?

Many things.

Starting in Hemel Hempstead, through the town centre, Apsley to King Langley (saw a dead rat here). Cold morning, however, that was a positive in my eyes! Perfect air-conditioning!

Next, I took the canal option to avoid crossing at the M25 roundabout and dying. Look how nicer it looked…


Popping out at Hunton Bridge and walking to the centre of Watford. Pit stopping at M&S to purchase a drink, 2 sandwiches and a pasta dish (mistake). I didn’t realise it at the time but the £2 coin I got in change was actually a rare 2002 commonweath games one, result!

On to Bushey, Bushey Heath and stopping half way up a hill on a conveniently placed bench for lunch!  Midday 20k done!

Climbed the rest of the hill, then down into Stanmore pissing off some Turkish restaurant owners for using their customer only toilet… I did thank them though 🙂

Round the corner to Edgware where I sat down on a nice grass bank to eat my nice king prawn pasta dish I’ve been looking forward to, opened it… no bloody fork! Why??? I guess it’s okay to eat pasta covered with sauce with your fingers then…

Home straight, A5 all the way to central London, the first 20 miles were easy, next 5 miles were hell. Every step I felt those blisters… walking, walking, ouch, ow blister burst, take a seat at this coffee shop… Excuse me? Can you look after my coffee while I go to the toilet? Err okay… I’ll just take a break here then. You’re welcome old lady, let’s finish this!

I limped on another mile before the other blister burst, I’d done a marathon by then so went to the nearest tube station, I had to ask people where it was, I was basically stood outside it!

I was determined to get a seat at this point with all my blisters, the train pulled up, I spotted my seat! it was mine, I charged for it! I didn’t realise the woman coming the other way was pregnant, alright? Luckily the guy next to me was a gent and gave her his seat.

Out of the tube, onto the train back to Hemel in the first seat I saw, nice first class. Walking into my home to be greeted by my brother playing the classic ‘I would walk 500 miles’ by The Proclaimers.

Mission completed. 3.10.2016

Side note: Thanks for reading


Method Cost Time
Walking 26.9 miles to London £8.60 on food and drink 8hrs 49mins
Jumping on the tube and train from London £15.10 on tube and train ticket 45 mins


14 thoughts on “Walking to London – 26.9 miles

  1. Hi Chris, nice meeting you and thanks for the follow. 26,9 miles … let’s see, that comes to 43,29 kilometers Well done! I would have booked into a guesthouse well before the halfway mark, but I did enjoy reading about your marathon.

    Liked by 1 person

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