Top 10 Adventure Travel Youtube Channels You Should Watch!

I watch a lot of Youtube, these are some of the best travel adventure channels that I have discovered so far! I highly recommend these ones so click through and see what you think. In no particular order, these are my top 10!

1. Mr Ben Brown

The guy is brilliant, daily content, super positive and inspiring! Plus the world champion twice in kayaking. I love his instagram feed too and Pumba his Land Rover.

2. James Kingston

This guy will make your palms clammy as he climbs really high buildings all over the world, pretty cool to watch… no way am I ever doing that though!

3. The Life of Jord

Want to know how to travel continuously? This is your go to guy, cheap and cheerful, just how I like it.


More of a fisherman this one but still he gets out a bit and does a lot of local adventure on his river!

5. Tolt around the world

Relatively unknown channel but I really like their stuff. Very unique and well put together little travel films.

6. Backpacking Bananas

She’s the biggest bundle of joy ever! Backpacking around the place while making very fun videos about it  😀

7. What’s inside?

Not always travelling but they do occasionally so worth a mention especially when they cut things in half and get paid for it. Do you wanna know what’s inside?

8. Fun for Louis

The king of travel vlogging. This guy gets about a fair bit and manages to produce videos daily. Truly living the adventure!

9. Andrew Ucles

This chap will catch anything and everything with his bare hands! All over the world, or just get chased by an elephant for educational purposes.

10. Baron Von Grumble

Baron is a biker who goes on epic European roadtrips and takes you with him with hilarious commentary.


11. Sean Conway

This guy has now moved to the Discovery Channel but still his Youtube content is very inspiring to me so is worth a mention. The guy has done a triathlon length of Britain… what a legend!

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What do you think?

Who are your favourites? Am I missing out on any? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Adventure Travel Youtube Channels You Should Watch!

  1. I’m addicted to following travel vloggers and now I have more to follow, thank you! I follow a bunch–off the top of my head, I can also think of HeyNadine, the Budgeteers, Grrrltraveler, Kristen Sarah, RayaWasHere, Mike Corey, and Jon Watson (and there are definitely many more!).

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