The Surprising Capital City

Can you guess where it is from the picture?

Since you guys have been so supportive I am feeling motivated to create more content for my blog so here goes…

The capital city was surprising in that it was very tranquil, plus the fact I got offered drugs 5 minutes in! Of course, I just laughed in the mug’s face! My last post I was in the Azores… So, how do you get off the Azores islands cheaply? Well, you fly to Lisbon! (Top tip: Make sure you don’t leave your donuts and bananas in the airport like I did) 48 hours in Lisbon awaits…

Jumping straight onto the fantastic train system to the main square 5 minutes walk from our hotel. If you can find it that is… the less said about that place, the better! Apart from when I opened the window in the shower and sprayed some water onto the busy street below 🙂

On arrival I trundled my suitcase noisily through the main strip of restaurants looking for my hotel. Being harassed by everyone holding a menu ready to be shoved in your face, no! I don’t want your tourist trap food! Although, I did succumb to it after aluntitledl. Sadly, they couldn’t even cook rice.

Highlight of the trip however was food related. It was lunch time, we were hungry, where do we go? Looking about we spot 3 blokes going into a back street
cafe so we followed… it was a working man’s cafe. We went in without speaking a word of Portuguese and them not a word of English! The guy showed us what ‘frango’ meant by flapping his arms…. We had chicken, everyone had chicken, it was the menu of the day and all they did. Soup second course, a shot of coffee in a tiny mug plus the secret bottle of hooch to add if you’re an in-the-know local. That’s 90% alcohol to add to clueless tourists like me. Much better than the main strip in town!

I had also been well informed that the Portuguese are famous for their pastries so of course my sweet tooth obliged regularly. I didn’t know what half were bur they bloody good. 10/10 on pastries Portugal. Well done.

Of course I went on a tram! It’s Lisbon, you gotta


Street Art in Lisbon


To end the 48 hours in Lisbon we headed to the train station to catch the overnight train! But that was not the end of the adventure… part 3 coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

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13 thoughts on “The Surprising Capital City

  1. The only area of Portugal I’ve been to is Albufeira in the Algarve, which is very ‘touristy”. I’d love to see Lisbon sometime, as it sounds great in your post, but I’d like to get out to the Azores even more so!

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