How to Easily Add Drop Down Menus to Your WordPress Blog 2018

I couldn’t find a guide for this anywhere and then worked it out myself! I don’t often see drop menus on other people’s blogs so hopefully this will help someone. So here goes my 5 steps…

1. Log in


2. Create a button

Go to customize in the bottom right hand corner
Click Menus
Hit ‘+Add items’ then ‘Primary’ then ‘Custom links’


Name your button (I’ve called mine trips)

When people hover their mouse over this button it will have a drop down menu but if they click on it, where do you want it to go? For me it just goes back to the home page. Where it says ‘URL’ insert the link as to where you want them to go if they do click on it.

3. Add drop down menu options

Go back to ‘+Add items’ but this time choose ‘Posts’

Here you will see a list of all your posts, choose the ones you want to add to your drop down menu.

They will appear in the left hand side side bar

4. Optional – Rename your drop down menu options

Simply insert your desired name in ‘Navigation Label’

5. Where the magic happens

Under your list of menu items click on ‘reorder’
These arrows will appear

If you want to add an item to a drop down menu then you should click on the right arrow. Make sure it is underneath the menu button you desire it to be under. The left button removes it from a drop down menu. While the up and down ones are used to reorder the menu tabs you have on your website.

6. Have a cider

Because you have a reason to celebrate! It is done!


Hopefully this will help someone! Please share 🙂


Why not comment below your blog to show off your handywork?




5 thoughts on “How to Easily Add Drop Down Menus to Your WordPress Blog 2018

  1. Awesome job. Was just in the process of creating a blog and couldn’t find out how to do this. Figured it out in a couple seconds thanks to your help!

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