Back to back city breaks!

I took the midnight train going anywhere! Have you ever fallen asleep somewhere and woke up somewhere completely different? It’s brilliant!

First times ✔

First time in Madrid ✔

First sleeper train ✔

First back to back city breaks ✔

Sleeper train

Amazing! Apart from the dribbling of toothpaste down my top as I wasn’t expecting the train sway! The bed was very narrow which was a worry for me, as I sleep in the nip, and didn’t want to accidentally flash the chirpy Indian girl going to Barcelona.

My morning view

Top 5 people in Madrid

  1. The happiest cafe owner ever
  2. Chinese tourists ordering a huge jug of beer with no idea how to pour the perfect pint
  3. The counterfeit goods squad
  4. The Art gallery class
  5. Fat Spiderman


You’ve gotta attach strings to each corner of your bed sheet in case the police come and you need to pick everything up and leg it
Art gallery! Everyone gather around and we’ll talk about this one… it’s just green

He’s shouting ‘paparazzi’ at me

Football grounds

Real Madrid play at the Bernabeu, every tourist seems to flock there… I even hobbled there with a twisted knee 10 miles to see it. Then thought what about those other chaps? How far’s that? 4 miles… Yeah, let’s go there! Not so many about Atletico’s ground. I walked half a marathon that day with a twisted knee and someone telling me I didn’t have any injury! Did I mention I had a twisted knee? Serious injury caused by dodgy kerb.


Hostal problems

  1. The elevator
  2. Bonking neighbours

First off, the elevator only worked if the doors were closed on it. Now, don’t know if I had mentioned it yet but I had a twisted knee (serious injury) so hobbling up all the stairs because some tit didn’t close the elevators doors was what I wanted.

Secondly, the walls of the place weren’t very sound proof. As I could hear the sound of a TV on. Then a noise that got louder… and louder. Until eventually it was obvious two horny bastards were going at. Lying there, it felt like I was listening to porn with my uncle… awkward. So, I went to investigate, it was the room right next door! Of course, I knocked on the couple’s door. Their cunning plan of using the TV as cover did not work, neither did the shower they then turned on to finish the job off. They had checked out the next morning and gone thankfully.

Actual things to do in Madrid

  1. Sol
  2. Plaza Major
  3. Palacio de Madrid
  4. Parque de Madrid
  5. Annoy prossies!

I prefer this bird


You’ve always gotta check if they’ve added its under carriage!


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